Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 18-19: Leaving Appalachia

Been trying to post this entry for about 5 days: 

Reached Berea, KY Finally leaving the mountains of Appalachia. Stayed at with a warm showers host. Very kind people with 7 very friendly dogs. Looking forward to some pretty flat cycling for while after today's day off. 

Met about 14 very friendly dogs. 

Local neighborhood pup. About 12 years old and hangs out at the ice cream stand

She sheds a little (pounds)

And a very happy, possibly drunk, Saint Bernard 

These kind folks saw us passing by and gave us lemonade

Cicada shell

"A late one" more often referred to as "ale-8". Described as "swamp water" by the locals. Pretty tasty, almost like ginger ale, and only found in Kentucky

The dogs love willy

So much ear

It rained, we took shelter in a hay barn

Cat liked the laundry

This dog was 2/3 hair. So huggable

Whoever was hiding behind this road sign when they got shot at...
Did not survive

This town is very appropriately named. 3 miles sharp downhill. Hit about 40 mph going down. Video I took was nowhere near as epic. My eyes were tearing so badly that I was literally seeing double.  Rode past some beautiful rock faces. 

And we learned a lesson the hard way. I was riding about 20 seconds ahead of the group. Passed a property with three dogs who chased after me. After yelling at them I had to pepper spray a big black dog who was about a yard off to the side of me. Now I don't carry wimpy pepper spray, I have bear spray (planned on having it for bear country and I haven't found dog spray yet). It shoots out an incredible poweful agent 30 feet in a large mist, because you can't afford to miss a charging bear. I only sprayed it for half a second, and the dog ran off. About 15 seconds later I hear the other two cyclists coughing and swearing. The bear spray left a lingering cloud and they rode straight through it! Needless to say, they were pretty pissed off with me but after enduring 30 minutes of burning eyes, mouth, and skin, they found it in their hearts to forgive me. 

And we got a lesson in religion on the side of a barn 

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